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why   benny   is   cool

benny is definately the coolest thing since orange juice...let me tell you why
1. he's not adrian.
2. he dyed his hair with me.
3. he put up with me for 9 hours in the car.
4. he lets me call him benny.
5. he can play saxaphone.
6. he drives that cool car.
7. he has a twin (who is just as cool).
8. he got mentioned on the "why adrian sucks" page.
9. he can procrastinate with the best of them.
10. we've farted in front of each other.
11. i dont' think he makes fun of my driving.
12. he doesn't make drorky websites like me.
13. he likes my cats.
14. he used to have poofy hair but he cut it so its ok now...unlike adrian.
15. he doesn't make fun of capri's (i think).
16. uh...i can't think of anymore...give me time...

time   for   an   apology

i'm sorry adrian for saying you suck...i promise that i don't think you do (much) and the time has come to tell might as well know that...yes...i am carrying your was easier to say than i thought...well anyways...thought you'd like to know...i'll keep you posted.

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hey   look   at   me

i'm cool...benny is cool...david is cool...bryan is cool...everyone's cool but adrian...