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why   adrian   is   my   friend

so why is adrian my friend? let me count the ways
1. he's so darn tall...and that's cool. 
2. he's going to sell his skateboard to me if he ever finds it.
3. he's actually reading this cool page.
4. because i said he is.
5. because he thought someone (debbie) that he didn't know would stalk him.
6. have you seen the hair?
7. he makes fun of me, but only cause he's my friend.
8. he makes fun of my driving, but not alot.
9. he's cooler than benny and bryan.
10. he can't dance, but neither can i.
11. he changes his major alot but they're all cool ones.
12. i've heard he's really loud when he puts on deoderant and that just makes me laugh.
13. he makes fun of me playing guitar because he's so awesome at it.
14. his room smells like butter. 
15. he made fun of bethie's world of randomness but at least he's been there.
16. how many times has he seen indiana jones and the last crusade?
17. he hates titanic.
18. because he just is.

go there go there

bethie's world of randomness:

more   reasons   why   adrian   is   my   friend

19. he's sarcastic and sarcasm is cool. 
20. he thinks he's cool and anytime you think you're cool you really are.
21. the toilet hat...need i say more.
22. stinkycousin? at least that name is better than bubblequin.
23. he's probably reading this and thinking "wow...i really am bethie's friend"...that's pretty cool.
24. did i already mention that he is going to find his skateboard for me?
25. i think everyone agrees that he's the biggest dork in the known universe, but we still love him.
26. have you read what he wrote in my guestbook? pretty cool if you ask me
27. he's been in less accidents than me.
28. he has the same initials as all of his siblings and of his middle school.
29. he keeps threatening to beat me but is too nice to do it.
30. he's should be in choir b/c he has a good voice.
31. ? i'm out...too much thinking about adrian makes me numb.