bethie's world of randomness
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go there go there

why adrian is my friend:
why benny is cool:
hi...i'm building this page because i'm a dork and i have nothing better to do here in college land
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"there is an unstoppable trend toward randomization" -my freshman bio book
i'm bethie poo and i'm a dork

its now december 30 and about 5:00 in the morning and i have absolutely nothing better to do...i saw weezer again with jimmy eat world...very very very good concert...i would definately recommend going to a weezer concert sometime in life...i'm really starting to get into emo-especially dashboard confessional...that's about it for now

-check out the link to my poetry pages at the bottom-

i really need some sleep

random bethie-ism -i'm falling fast; towards your heart-

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