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my life is going crazy
this chaotic hectic mess
is clouding my thoughts
and making me confused
I try to concentrate
but it doesn't seem to work
wanting to express my feelings
or what I really think
I can't see straight
I can't communicate
I feel I'm breaking down
I close my eyes
and all I see
is someone who truely
truely loves me
and even though
sometimes my feelings I don't share
I hope you know
I'll always care
no one knows
the true me
no one knows
what they can't see
no one knows
how very deep
no one knows
the secrets I keep
sometimes I wish
I only knew
just how much you loved me
or why I don't
trust your love
or even what you say
I want to trust
but feel I can't
and I don't quite know why
I wish I knew
just what to do
to help me ease my mind
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